CleanBC Rebates

Income Qualified Rebates for Electrical Service Upgrades

Enhanced rebates for upgrading the electrical service for income qualified homes

Value: Up to $3,500

Electrical Service Upgrade Rebate for qualified electrical services

Upgrade your home’s electrical service with a rebate from CleanBC for qualified electrical services

Value: $500

Income Qualified Rebates for Ductless Multi-Splits and Ducted Heat Pumps

Enhanced rebates for installing a mini-split or central heat pump for income qualified homes

Value: Up to $9,500

Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate

Participate in a group rebate for fuel switching to a heat pump

Value: Up to $500

Dual Fuel Ducted Heat Pump Rebate

Integrate an existing fossil fuel heating system with a central heat pump

Value: $3,000

Better Homes Low-Interest Financing

Fuel switch to a heat pump and access low or no-interest loans upon approval

Value: Up to $40,000 loan

Additional Rebates

Ductless Mini-Split or Heat Pump Rebate

Rebate offer is compatible only with homes with no duct system

Value: $1,000 – $6,000

Central Ducted Heat Pump Rebate

Rebate offer is compatible only with a new or existing duct system

Value: $1,200 – $6,000

Canada Greener Homes Grant

Federal rebates to undertake EnerGuide evaluations & energy efficiency retrofits

Multiple rebates available

Provincial & Federal

Homeowners can choose only one federal and one provincial rebate:

  • The Provincial Rebate: The Provincial Rebate is an income-qualified program offering up to $9,500 based on your income.
  • CleanBC Rebate: For everyone else, the regular CleanBC rebate provides up to $6,000
  • Federal

  • Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program: This program provides financial assistance based on income and the amount of oil you purchase, with a maximum grant of up to $10,000
  • Greener Homes Loan: Qualified homeowners can receive up to $40,000 but only $25,000 can be used for heat pump installation
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